Antoine is a leading lifestyle and fashion brand that epitomizes spirited, exemplary and incredibly progressive ideals in providing authentic, superior quality luxury perfumes and fragrances with a striking semblance of provocative aesthetics and seduction.

Founded by two childhood friends, Dominique and Jean-Noël, Antoine embodies love, friendship and makes an indelible statement with mindfully made product that carry an imposing aura of our pure intention to make unique, need-based, and user-friendly perfumes and fragrances. Dominique is our nose, a respected senior perfumer at one of the world’s leading perfume and fragrance brand, and a member of the International Society of Perfumers-Creators. On the other hand, Jean-Noël is a banker and highly ambitious entrepreneur.

Revolutionizing Laundry

At Antoine, we are driven by an intense desire to make laundry fun and memorable experience for both men and women. Rather than have your clothes always smelling of lavender or peach, we bring a racy infusion of distinctive accords like patchouli, leather, amber, cedar, sandalwood, musk, etc.

 We caption the value of your laundry moment with a delightful blend of taste and scent that allows you to leave a mark wherever you go and with everyone you meet.


Our products are a culmination of our expertise and long-standing experience in the perfume industry. 

Besides our wide array of fragrances, we also offer fabric softener, soaps, and shower gels. 

We make our products with natural raw materials that give our products a rich, voluptuous scent. 

We source our ingredients from world-renowned perfumery maestros that we have had a trusting professional relationship with. Using glass containers to package our products, we ensure they retain their natural state and give you a wholesome experience of their value.